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Katrina is an ascension guide and holographic light-body specialist who focuses on multidimensional soul-level healing. She truly believes that each individual is never separate from Source, and is always perfectly whole, divine and interconnected on all dimensional levels at all times.

Her work focuses on quantum genetics and DNA as the natural intelligence bestowed upon every divine human, braided and encoded as the living light language of our true eternal essence. 

Her deepest passion is aligning all willing hearts with their most expansive life potential, empowering every soul to reunite with their own authentic essence, soul purpose and unique frequency. She honours this process as one of divine gnosis (remembrance), facilitating transformative healing spaces to catalyse each being into their most expansive, empowered essence. 


I am constantly pulled into the truth of grace, harmony and love when having a session with Katrina. The way she has aligned with prime source and delivers what’s required has assisted me greatly with coming out of the depths of fallacies of beliefs, programs, overlays etc and realigning with the Godhead channel of love and perfection

Lynette, Australia (2).png

Katrina is a gifted healer with incredibly profound and clear insights into the cosmic order of light and frequencies of healing and is a channel for great change in the unified field of consciousness, I highly recommend you connect with her if you need assistance in the area of raising your vibration at this critical time of expansion and awakening as she can assist and uplift you to a greater awareness of love and light.

Andrew, NZ (2).png

The inner healing work I have done with Katrina has undoubtedly been the most wholesome healing work I have ever done. Even though I myself, work in energy healing, I didn't realise had been spiritually bypassing for years until I stepped forward into this transformative work with Katrina.

Linda, USA (2).png

This journey has given me so much love for myself and where I am at in my healing path. Tears of love have come to the surface as this transformation has been so profound.

Louise, NZ


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